mrs. regina : black love is essential to my being me!  black love has manifested in my life through my daughters embracing their essence and beauty.  black love does not feel radical or revolutionary. it is intentional.  ---   brother tony : black love is freedom, justice, and equality.  black love has manifested through allowing those i love to be free to develop to their fullest potential.  as we grow and evolve into greater knowledge of ourselves we grow into freer expression of who we are in divine creation.
  brittini "ree belle" gray, she/her:  black love is the epitome of beauty. love that is expansive, essential, and elemental. black love is family, me, friends, lovers, warriors, healers, artists, and every facet of persons, whose identity is black, existing in a space of mutual support, care, and understanding.  black love has manifested in my life through family and friends, but most importantly, self. i would also add through culture, be it music, film, dance, poetry, etc.  black love continues to be audacious and defiant in the face of continuous attempts at its destruction. it’s very essence is therefore not only radical or revolutionary, but a healing and evolving force of nature.  ---   aysha gray, she/her : black love is the force that flows within each black person that wishes to see another black person succeed.  black love has manifested in my life in both the form of my family as well as every action towards black liberation that i have witnessed or taken part in. as well as in my newfound dedication to self-love and care. my family has pushed me to achieve things i myself might have never thought possible. through the liberating work, i’ve seen people form families, the kind of black families white supremacy seeks to destroy. and in loving myself, i’ve heightened my sense for black love and increased both my appetite and cache for black love.  black love is radical in the way that for four centuries, black people have been systematically prevented from showing themselves love. so to love one another is an active rebellion against racism.
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