at its best black love is understanding each other and seeing each other for who we are.  i remember one day when i was little i went to the grocery store with my dad.  he spoke, waved, or nodded to every black man he saw in the store.  when we got in the car i asked him how he knew everyone in the store.  he said, i've never met them but they're black men like i'm a black man so i know them. this, for me, has always been what black love is about.  it's acknowledging each others' struggles and encouraging ourselves and other people to keep on fighting.  black love is revolutionary because it is healing.  in order to love other people you have vulnerable.  you have to let down all of the walls you have put up for your survival, and struggle through all of the anger and frustration and sadness that comes with being a black person, and allow yourself to feel happiness so you can share it with others.
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